Lilith’s Brood: A Letter to Akin

Dearest Akin,

My little adventurer, a child after my heart who will share my wanderlust. As we feel you kick inside, we can only imagine who you will look like, who you will be like, though Little Mother Ahajas, Dichaan and Nikanj say they know what you will be like. I hope you are healthy; they say you are healthy. Ahajas thinks you will be a boy;  Dichaan also thinks you will be a boy. Nikanj Ooan, too, thinks you will be a boy, but I think it secretly hopes that you will be something extraordinary, something else. It says you will be the first construct male; human males are far too dangerous (they say). Whatever you are, I wish you healthy and happiness.

Being the first construct male will be difficult. You will live straddling two worlds, never fully in either or both. You will understand most (if not all) but find great difficulty in being understood (at all) by one, much less both. For this reason, you must learn to bridge the gap between Humans and the Oankali. While you may have the genetic superiority granted by your Oankali roots, you will also have emotional superiority granted by your Human roots. Learn to make Human expressions to show your Human emotions. Make friends, Human, Oankali, Constructs, where you can – nevermind age old notions and prejudices; they serve no purpose now. Show compassion to those who do not understand. Do not commit violence out of fear; learn to listen, to see, to feel. Use your Human an Oankali senses to guide you.

You destiny is here on earth, nowhere else. Do not be tempted to leave. The Human race, as I have known it, will eventually be consumed by Oankali. Do not resist (we were dying, killing each other off anyhow). The Human essence will remain despite changes in outward appearances and modifications to our weak Human bodies. It is this essence  and improved bodies that will make Humans better than ever. You are the first male of this improved Human race. Help others see this change as a great change! I have a feeling you will accomplish great things! Too bad Joseph Father cannot see you, he would have loved you dearly, he would have been so proud of you!


Mother Lilith


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