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Barracuda Bait

Small smooth silvery scales shimmer as she

silently swims in tropical shallow

still seas – hungrily searching, silently

stalking, ravenously scavenging. Most

merciless monstrosity, viciously

curious, rabid black eyes, sneering

undercut jaw, jutting razor-sharp teeth,

missile-sleek, fearsome flesh full of potent

paralyzing poison, kills most swiftly,

most fearlessly to eat – or be eaten.

She sees me; I am just another fish.

My gangly arms and stiff fin-feet flail like

a thrashing half-finned fish. My forgotten

earrings glimmer like floating loose scales of

a fish freshly frenzied. My eyes behind

my mask look huge like a nearly-dead fish

in shock. My bikini strings dangle like

twisted, knotted innards of a gutted

fish. My snorkel gurgles like a busted

bladder as I swim aimlessly – up, down,

sideways like a belly-up dying fish.

I rang her dinner bell loud; she answered.